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Robert Maoz Krzisnik

Robert Maoz Krzisnik, MSc. Psych., CNVC Certified, (Slovenia/Israel) From early teenage years I have been inquiring into the questions of meaning of life, the nature of existence and the ways of meeting each other at the heart level. The journey led me through studying Psychology, working as a psychotherapist for 12 years, and working as a trainer, facilitator for over 32 years, covering areas from spiritual retreats to business trainings. Within the context of NVC I am most passionate about its spiritual and embodied dimensions and about conflict mediation. Besides NVC, most important explorations on my journey have so far been Soto Zen, Art of Hosting, Bohmian Dialogue, Contact Improvisation...

I have been regularly serving as a trainer on IITs and have shared NVC in over 30 countries in Europe, Mideast, Asia, USA, Australia… While I temporarily live in Israel, my permanent address is in Slovenia, EU, which used to be a part of a country that does not exist anymore, but still resides in my heart as the place where I grew up — Yugoslavia. I have given two TEDx talks, connected with Nonviolent Communication one in 2012 on Global Citizenship, and the other in 2013 on Personal Growth. In 2019 I published my memoir: This Miraculous Life

Website: http://www.thatfield.eu