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Women Daring Peace

A film that is changing our vision of those considered “enemies”

  • Two women are bringing their communities together in a vision of peace
  • See Palestinians and Jews connecting and seeing each other in a whole new way
  • Engage with these women and learn more about the experience behind the film
  • View the situation in Israel from an angle that is rarely seen in western media

Sunday, November 14 (one session)
9:00-11:00am Pacific (California) Time

Registration Fee: free


“Women Daring Peace” is a powerful new film showing NVC at work in Palestinian and Jewish families. 

In this film, you will get to know Anat and Nadia, two women who became friends through Nonviolent Communication. Together, they have decided to help take a step towards peace by organizing meetings between Jews and Arabs so that each can learn to listen to the other.

Through empathetic listening and awareness of their feelings and needs, Palestinians and Jews are connecting and seeing each other in a whole new way. 

This film offers a view on the situation in Israel from an angle that is not shown in western media. You will see firsthand how NVC can be a way to resolve conflict, even in groups where the parties were involved in war actions.

You will have the opportunity to view this impactful film with the very women who created it!

The showing will be followed by a Q&A session with the director and the film’s two protagonists, both long-standing personalities in Israel and Palestine.

nadia giol 100 Nadia Giol — A Palestinian from Israel, now living in Galilee. She created the NVC Galileo group with Anat Asia and has been working with multicultural groups ever since.
anat asia 100 Anat Asia — An Israeli Jew, now living in Galilee, who lost a large part of her family during the Holocaust. She now teaches NVC to teachers, both Jewish and Arab.
mai shaheen 100 Mai Shaheen — A Palestinian peace pacifist living in the West Bank. Her goal is to bring more clarity on how to deal with trauma in conflict resolution.
roberta wall 100 Roberta Wall (USA) — A CNVC certified trainer, part of a team of NVC trainers who brought together Israelis and Palestinians In the west bank for more than 12 years.
genevieve roger 100 Geneviève Roger (France) — Author and Director of the film. She has devoted herself to writing and directing several documentaries on social issues and the positive impact of NVC

The Q&A discussion will be moderated by Mary Mackenzie, co-founder of NVC Academy and certified trainer. We hope you will join us in experiencing this transformational film!

  • Video and audio recording
  • Forum discussion available in the classroom
  • Lifetime access to the classroom
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Geneviève Roger

About Geneviève Roger

Journalist and director, Geneviève Roger has worked for numerous French television programs. She started her career traveling the world for different channels and prime time shows .... 

She has made several reports and documentaries on social issues.

In 2005, she discovered Nonviolent Communication and decided to put her know-how at the service of this process which turned her life upside down. 

Trained at the CNV and eager to make this process known to as many people as possible, she has devoted herself to writing and directing several documentaries: 

"These teachers who change the school", shows the transformations taking place in a middle school in...