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Audio • 38 minutes • 05/2007
Intermediate Skill Level
38 minutes

In this compelling dialogue, veteran CNVC Certified Trainers, Susan Skye and Mary Mackenzie, discuss the intrinsic needs present in addictive behaviors, and how Nonviolent Communication aligns with the 12-step programs’ process for treating addiction.

Valuing My Needs When I Habitually Don't

Audio • 9 minutes • 11/15/2011
Intermediate Skill Level
9 minutes

Listen to John answer an NVC Library member's question about what we can do when we habitually place other's needs ahead our own. Healing and change can be reached through compassionate self-connection, needs awareness, mourning and mindfulness.

NVC Life Hacks 21: Shame and the fear of doing it wrong

Video • 5 minutes • 07/09/2020
Beginner Skill Level
5 minutes

When was the last time you were in a situation with an overwhelming feeling of shame or an unnerving fear of 'doing it wrong'? Sometimes we get sweaty palms or a dry mouth, maybe we freeze on the spot or start an unhelpful internal monologue that makes the situation feel even worse. In this months NVC Life Hack Gesine takes a closer look at her own experience with shame and the fear of doing it wrong.

Can NVC Be Learned Without Learning Observation, Feeling, Need and Request?

Audio • 44 minutes • 03/2012
Intermediate Skill Level
44 minutes

In this enlightening Trainer Conversation, three veteran CNVC Certified Trainers discuss whether NVC can be learned without first learning Observations, Feelings, Needs, Requests (OFNR). The conversation naturally meanders as the trainers grapple with the question, eventually covering a wide-range of topics including the spirituality and true essence of NVC.

Looking at “Shoulds”

Audio • 22 minutes • 10/2007
Beginner Skill Level
22 minutes

Using real-life examples from class participants, Sylvia Haskvitz demonstrates the life-changing results of clarifying the needs underlying "shoulds."

Taking Responsibility for Meeting Our Needs

Trainer Tip • 3 - 5 minutes • 01/2011
Beginner Skill Levels
Trainer Tip
3 - 5 minutes

This trainer tip suggests ways to transform blame in to personal power. He suggests having multiple sources of support and multiple pathways to achieving the outcome you want, to allow more room to hear a "no". Read on for more.

Fear and Trust Facing the Year Ahead

Trainer Tip • 1-2 minutes • 07/15/2022
All skill levels
Trainer Tip
1-2 minutes

In thinking about your relationship with fear and doubt, see what happens when you ask yourself "What do you trust?”. Here's an example response to that question, and how it can open new perspective, soften fear, and bring trust to new depths.

Honest & Conscious Expression

Audio • 56 minutes • 07/2011
Beginner Skill Level
56 minutes

Jim and Jori Manske explore the considerations of expressing ourselves honestly, considerations that lead to more fully conscious and nonviolent connections.

How to Set Boundaries Early and Often

Article • 5-8 minutes • 12/2017
Beginner Skill Level
5-8 minutes

Using the example of being met with chronic lateness, here are three steps to setting boundaries early in a dating situation or relationship.

Prepare for Love (12 Session Course)

Audio • 9 hours, 7 minutes • 10/18/2012
Beginner Skill Level
9 hours, 7 minutes

Join Eric Bowers in transforming past relationship pain, coming alive in community and creating thriving relationships. This 12 session Telecourse recording brings together Eric's passions for Nonviolent Communication, Attachment Theory and Interpersonal Neurobiology.

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